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Data Recovery Service PartnershipHDD Lab Data Recovery Partnership Programme

Partner with HDD Lab and benefit from a data recovery service offering in your company. Work with a leader in data recovery service and add a substantial income stream to your business.

HDD Lab Profile

Data Recovery Lab t/a HDD Lab was established in 2001 by a group of experienced computer scientists specialising in computer programming and digital media storage. The founders of the company had identified the need for a specialist data recovery company while working as IT consultants and computer science lecturers.

Currently Data Recovery Lab provides advanced data recovery services to many IT companies and other data recovery partners across the UK using its ISO-certified lab facilities and highly experienced hard drive recovery specialists. Data Recovery Lab is technologically and humanly well-equipped to achieve a high success rate in recovering data from hard disks suffering from logical, electronic or physical damage.

Investing in Training and Equipment

Recovering data from electro-mechanically and physically damaged media, requires highly experienced and competent engineers plus advanced tools and a certified dust-free environment. To achieve this, Data Recovery Lab has heavily invested in training capable data recovery technicians and acquiring and installing expensive equipment since its inception. We have consistently achieved a high success rate of over 96% across the board

Data Recovery Lab Capabilities & Expertise

Data Recovery Lab specialists have the following capabilities:

  • Hard drive logic board (PCB) repairs and component swaps and firmware updates
  • Single and multi-platter swaps
  • Hard drive head assembly and head stack replacement
  • Hard disk P-List and G-List recovery
  • Addressing and analysing hard drive SMART values
  • Ability to deal with damaged sectors of hard drives
  • Hard disk reverse cloning and bit-by-bit imaging
  • Ability to analyse and work with the Service Area (SA) of a hard drive
  • Ability to review and analyse data structures using a Hex Editor
  • Analysing and diagnosing “clicking noises” in hard drives to determine the correct course of action in data recovery
  • Ability to perform RAID0 recovery and RAID5 recovery
  • Clearing ATA passwords on a password protected hard drive
  • Ability to perform Solid State Drive (SSD) data recovery
  • Recovering data from USB memory sticks and flash memory cards

Partnership Benefits

Data Recovery Lab operates a partner program for all IT support companies and other data recovery service partners giving them the opportunity to benefit from a successful data recovery business. All Data Recovery Lab partners can benefit from 15% to 25% discount on all quoted prices depending on how many jobs they submit per week providing them with a healthy margin per job. High yield partner companies who have over 10 jobs per week will have specially agreed discounts to maximise their benefits.

Charging Policy For Partners

HDD Lab does not charge its customers or partners in any of the following circumstances:

  1. No charge for hard disk or media fault diagnosis, assessment and quotes
  2. No extra fees for parts or donor disks used in the data recovery process
  3. No charges for unsuccessful data recovery due to platter damage or overwriting
  4. No fees if the client decides not to go ahead after a free quote and fault analysis has been provided
  5. No charge if the client does not find the data in the file listing provided prior to payment

The above arrangement works very well for the client and the partner company as there is no payment obligation if the data recovery is not completed for whatever reason.

Come on Board

Outsourcing your data recovery services to HDD Lab will bring a lot of benefits and will give you a competitive edge in addition to providing you with a substantial additional income stream. We are absolutely confident that the data recovery service we provide is unparalleled due to our long experience in the field and the high success rate in the industry.

To join our partnership program or make an inquiry about partnership opportunities or discuss any other details, please speak to Ben on 0203 633 2081 or email

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